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AutoCount POS - Back-End Features (Managing Master-File)

APOS Back-End is fully integrated into AutoCount Accounting as a plug-Ins. Once you login to AutoCount Accounting, you will find POS menu appears as an integrated application. APOS Back-End feature allows you to maintain some master files related to APOS such as POS users, terminal, credit card and etc.

Managing Master File

You have full control in maintaining the master file including the product and the pricing in APOS back-End and the master file will be synchronized to each APOS front-end.

POS User Maintenance
You can maintain information on cashers and retailer supervisor with password protection.

POS User Maintenance

Terminal Maintenance
You can maintain information on POS terminal and location. Here, you can also determine location which the terminal can check stock level.

Credit Card Maintenance
In Credit Card Maintenance, you can maintain customer credit card payment setting.

Credit Card Maintenance

Promoter Maintenance
You can maintain promoter information which includes commission ID and outlet attached in Promoter Maintenance.

Promoter Maintenance

Promoter Commission Maintenance
In Promoter Commission Maintenance, you can maintain detailed information on promoter commission.

Promoter Commission Maintenance

However, product information is based on information maintain in AutoCount Accounting item maintenance.

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