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AutoCount Payroll - Features

Innovative New Inductive Interface Design
AutoCount Payroll makes it simpler for users by placing common tasks, reports tasks and maintenance features on the left of the screens which make it easy to explain and understand. It helps users to perform tasks faster and find things more easily.

Step-by-step Setup Wizard
AutoCount Payroll step-by-step setup wizard saves users time in creating payroll account. It is easy to understand. Here, users can set up company profile, company payroll policy, department, bank account and allowance. Users only need to follow default setting which is compiled with Malaysian Labour Law.

Payroll History by Employee
In AutoCount Payroll, you can access to payroll history of certain employee. Payroll history which displays in tabular and graphical format will supplies you easy-to-read and yet comprehensive information.

Yearly Payroll Report
AutoCount Payroll yearly report supplies you comprehensive and analytical information. Here, you can access to EPF report, SOCSO report, PCB report, Overtime report, Individual Pay report, Commission report, Gross Pay report and Net Pay report.

Leave Setting
In AutoCount Payroll, leave calculation is included in the salary. You can also create unlimited leave type which meet your needs and requirement. To apply leave, users only need to identify date with color that indicated the reason, whether it is annual leave, medical leave, maternity leave etc.

Leave application

Leave inquiry
Easy to Identify
In AutoCount Payroll, users can lock payroll period once data entry is completed. For the ease of users, AutoCount Payroll identified status of payroll period with different color. Different colors indicate whether the payroll period is year-to-date, fully processed, first-half processed, unprocessed, out of processed sequence or locked.

Report Builder
For the convenience of our users, AutoCount Payroll Report Builder feature enables users to create and edit pay slips and reports that meet their requirement.

Build-in Labour Law Guide
AutoCount Payroll build-in Labour Law is a good feature for users with limited payroll knowledge. Users can refer here for government rules and regulations as stipulated by Malaysian Labour Law on working hours, overtime, shift work and holiday and leave.

Data Exportable
In AutoCount Payroll, you can export payroll report to other Window applications, e.g. Words or Excel for further analysis, editing or recording.

Allowance, Bonus, Overtime
In AutoCount Payroll, allowance table is shows at the bottom of payroll process. You can create unlimited allowance item that suit to your company requirement. Overtime is calculated based on labor law and it is adjustable to meet your company policy. It is easy to enter bonus received by employee, you only need to select date and amount of money.

Integrated Government Reports
AutoCount Payroll had integrated government reports into system. You can prepare Income Tax, EPF and SOCSO. While you can submit completed Income EA form printed from AutoCount Payroll, SOCSO and EPF reports can be submitted via online application and diskette. You can refer to AutoCount Payroll EPF and SOCSO data when completing official SOCSO and EPF form obtained from SOCSO and EPF office. EPF and SOCSO table are included and can be adjust according to current rate.

EPF table

EPF Borang A

Income Tax CP 159

Income Tax CP 39

Income Tax CP 8D

Income Tax EA Form

Income Tax PCB 2

SOCSO Borang 8A

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